Smell, Smoke, and Water Effects

SensoryCo Smell, Smoke, and Water Effects share several characteristics that make them good warning signals for implementation in various training and simulation scenarios. Below are SensoryCosystems three distinct areas:


An effective training program requires imitating real-life conditions as closely as possible. However, a commonly overlooked factor is how the environment smells. Adding olfactory cues enhances the immersive experience and can improve performance, reduce anxiety and reinforce behavior. Smells, like sound waves, travel through darkness and can bend around corners thus alerting individuals to dangers that are not directly within the line of sight. SensoryCo smell generators deliver a unique range of aromas into small to very large spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Developed for the more specialized training environments, the SensoryCo range of scenting systems offers rugged design, control options suited to simulators and live training and a line-up of systems to cover all spaces.


SensoryCo smoke generators are unsurpassed in quality and output. Most “entertainment” style fog machines measure output in terms of volume (e.g. cubic meters per minute or cubic feet per minute) but this doesn’t speak to the density of the fog. The smoke produced by the SensoryCo system is more persistent with longer hang times so even though the volumes produced are in line with all entertainment style smoke machines, the effect is far superior creating low visibility scenarios when required.

Competitive smoke systems produce smoke particles in the range of 2 micron. SensoryCo systems produce .2 micron sized particles that are substantially smaller, have longer hang time and less prone to fall out. The advantages are a drier smoke that leaves less residue. There are also significant long-run savings with regards to smoke fluid since you can do more with less.

Water Effects

SensoryCo custom wet effects systems include simulating vapor, smoke, white-out conditions, fog, rain, mist and splashes for small simulator environments to larger training facilities. They offer configuration and control capabilities that allow for rapid movement sequenced with live or on-screen action.

SensoryCo solutions are designed to each environment. Whether designing for a small enclosed simulator or to cover an outside training environment, all environmental and use factors are considered in the system design process.