Immersive Atmospherics

The Basic Cultural Kit

MW Defense Systems has been able to further develop kits and other additional offerings that will cover some of the basic starter items. These Immersive Items are available in kits or separate quantities. These items are a culmination of the industry’s leading suppliers that have been brought together to offer durable real or realistic items that can be employed by and managed by the end user without special skills or the need for continual training.


The MW Defense Systems Basic Cultural Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Afghan Rug
  • 5 sets traditional male clothing, including head and footwear
  • 2 sets traditional male clothing, including head and footwear
  • 5 sets Afghan Army or Police uniforms, including head wear
  • 5 replica AK47s
  • 5 replica M16s
  • 2 tea(chai)sets
  • 1 set traditional server ware (platter,utensils,pitchers,plates,bowls,etc)
  • 15 traditional afghan pillows/cushions
  • 25 miscellaneous hardbound afghan books
  • 1 pipe/hookah


Marketing Stalls and Other Props

All market implements are constructed from welded aluminum. Each piece is treated with MW Defense Systems P.I.R.A.T.E. (TM) to replicate real third world marketplace constructions. Large Market tables have folding legs for easy storage. All fruits, vegetables, poultry items, meats, ice chips and breads are included with each table as shown. Photos show Demo Sets of items included actual ship quantities are in effect double the quantities shown.

market stall a

market stall b