Department of Justice -UNICOR

Fleet Solutions Group

MW Defense Systems works on a MOUT contract with US Department of Justice, UNICOR. This sole source contract was awarded to MW Defense Systems by the Department of Justice based on our unique ability to provide a patented technical solution that is highly desired by federal and military training facilities across the country. We offer a cost effective, immersive training system, with the flexibility of MIPR funding or contract award. As a federal agency, Fleet Solutions Group serves as the Prime for the coordination of training site development and fabrication. Operating multiple locations along the East and West coasts, FSG boasts state of the art facilities equipped 20-ton bridge cranes, separate 60’ x 15’ Walsh-Blast-Paint booths, and complete metal design and fabrication.

US Department of Justice / FSG Mission

FSG is dedicated to provide comprehensive, cost-effective fleet and MOUT solutions to military and federal agency customers. As a federal agency, FSG is proud to bring decades of relevant experience and the innovating minds of our people and partnerships to help solve the challenges of tomorrow, today through innovation and proven expertise. One of the biggest challenges government agencies are faced with today is cost management. With tightening budgets at the forefront of everyone’s mind, FSG is the most logical choice.

FSG has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. Our people are empowered to deliver outstanding value and productivity, and to go the extra mile for ALL of our customers.

Our Mission

We are committed to high standards of ethical behavior and professional courtesy.
We employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination who work closely with one another and with our customers
We pursue technical growth and market diversification to increase value for our customers and opportunity for our employees.
We foster a working environment that encourages technical objectivity and creativity.